• Our ACT Personal Safety corporate services extend from personal safety training through to the creation of policies, procedures, standards and guidelines to help secure your business from the inside out.
  • ACT LMS provides Law Enforcement Officers, Security Personnel and Modern Soldiers with a combative methodology that will empower individuals to provide maximum value at a micro tactical level within the parameters of their mandate.
  • ACT RED offers quality assurance management and consulting services to Security Estates, Malls, Schools and Businesses to guide and oversee the installation, implementation, operation and maintenance of integrated security service systems
  • ACT Personal Safety Training has tailored its offering to help people keep themselves safe from the specific types of crime currently occurring in various countries in Asia
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Founded in South Africa in 2007, Advanced Conflict Training is an International training company.

Our experience in the Security and Personal Safety industry has perfectly positioned us to expand into consulting and security quality assurance.

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